Winter Inspiration

Welcome to our Inspiration page. This is a page to get a feel for what our hand-crafted sinks can do for you – providing the overall notion of what we want to bring to your living area.

We are delighted to share with you a handful of things that we have found over the past months that we love, that inspires us and what we hope will inspire you too…

Here are the days filled with hot chocolates, blankets and warm fires. As we try and keep cosy over these next couple of months, we have brought you a new realm of inspiration, that we cannot wait to share with you.


Winter is a season for new beginnings and creativity to shine, whether you’re wrapped in a blanket on your couch or out playing in the snow, there’s wintry inspiration all around us.

Winter Sky

There is no better sight than pulling open the curtains on a blissful winter morning to be greeted by a blanket of untouched snow comforting the ground, dimly lit by the street lights.


So this season, we have paired with our classic white glaze. Here are the days of snow, of ice, of thick hats and jackets as we see frost develop on our windows and snow creating a magical layer over Lancashire, we couldn’t think of a better way to match this traditional colour!


Our classic white sinks are a masterpiece of traditional manufacturing, carrying hundreds of years of craftsmanship and long-established techniques.

White kitchen sinks are timeless. Their aesthetics are classic; there is no denying that. They suit many different styles of kitchens, from farmhouse to traditional to modern designs allowing them to fit any interior angle. Also, as we know – white goes with everything! No matter the colour of the cabinets or countertop, you know white will go well with it.

Each handcrafted sink in our traditional Heritage Collection is as practical as it is beautiful, and equally at home in traditional or contemporary kitchens.

DIY Winter Decorations

The season of festivities! Warm up cold, grey winter days with these easy ideas that you can make yourself. You can create the cosy living room of your dreams, or bring some colour into the kitchen while you’re cooking up hot soups and stews.

Use items that you wouldn’t normally use to decorate, like pine cones and chestnuts, to add a natural element to your room, bringing the outdoors in. Collect these into a clear, glass bowl and sit in the middle of the coffee table. This looks especially rustic in front of a roaring fire!

Make any living area feel brighter by adding touches of greenery on the table and shelves. Even when it’s white and snowy outside, it will feel much more alive indoors.

Set up a log cabin-inspired hot chocolate bar for something to look forward after a long, frosty walk or a cosy night indoors.

Add some small, festive house plants with frosted edges around the house to add the beauty of Winter from the comfort of your own home; without having to venture out into the cold. Pair these with seasonal mugs such as printed winter-symbolic animals or even Christmassy mugs, if you’re ready to get into the spirit!

Light blue candlesticks play up the wintery look and are more unique than the classic white option, yet they still feel classic and pair nicely with other light blue accents.

White Themed Kitchens

As the nights get darker, our palette gets lighter! The kitchen will be the heart of the home this festive period, and when it comes to crafting a timeless design, you can never go wrong with an all-white palette. From sleek cabinetry to glossy white tiles, we have all the inspiration you need to make white hues work for your own space.

Our Heritage sinks pair beautifully with stunning white themed kitchens, and the thing catching our eye the most this season are exquisitely patterned splashbacks. As with tiles, both laminate and glass, splashbacks can be used to make a style statement.

We love the idea of pairing vibrant plants with a crisp, white themed living area. Whether it be a kitchen or bathroom, we think your space could benefit hugely from introducing a touch of green. House plants have become a wonderful trend over the past couple of years, and we love to see them getting popular by the minute. This resurge from the ’70s adds a beautiful organic touch to living areas and will bring your home to life!

There is no denying that mixing pattern and paint can elevate your white themed living area vast amounts, try using solid colours along with a patterned feature with matching tones.

Whether you go for a patterned splashback, statement flooring or, if you’re looking for a more restrained look with lightly coloured, alternating patterned tiles; there is a way for any style to spice up the kitchen with ideas of a pattern.

Get creative with it and add some personality and character to your living space!

Open Plan Spaces

Open plan designs are perfect for parties (not that we will be having much of them this year!) However, why not have something to look forward too; having the whole family gathered together playing games and drinking wine in a spacious open-plan kitchen area/dining space, somewhere in the near future…

As well as being environmentally conscious and relying on fewer materials being needed for building, an open-plan design features space that promotes communication, interaction and shared moments.

Allowing light to flood into the area with big windows and glass patio doors provides realms of beautiful natural light – to boost energy, happiness and even helps to balance the body’s hormones. An open floor plan provides sunlight helping connect your indoor spaces with the outdoor ones. The lack of walls allows for light to travel into every crevis of the room, brightening up your home.

This type of design also provides space for a larger amount of people to socialise at one time as there is no isolation between the divides separating the kitchen and the living room while preparing meals, aiding communal living and bringing family and friends together.

Adding a classic fire-clay sink is a perfect way to give any contemporary, open-plan space that traditional touch.

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