Spring Inspiration

Welcome to our Inspiration page. This is a page to get a feel for what our hand-crafted sinks can do for you – providing the overall notion of what we want to bring to your living area.

We are delighted to share with you a handful of things that we have found over the past months that we love, that inspires us and what we hope will inspire you too…

Spring is the time of nature’s rebirth following the cold winter. Everything is fresh, alive and new. Spring is the season of renewal and the revival of the growth cycle. Opposed to the dull, cold, grey and white shades of winter, spring comes with a fresh and vibrant palette – along with a refreshed bundle of interior inspiration. Whether you have been waiting to upgrade your kitchen or started a while ago, having means of continuing what you started, now is a perfect time!

We’re unable to overlook how lockdown has changed the way we feel about our homes and how they have become a place of refuge and sanctuary. Home is our safe place, so comfort and cosiness are paramount. Here are our top interiors trends for Spring 2021…

Utility Sinks

Warmer spring days mean you can shed a few layers on a local walk, and it’s also the time of year when you can experience the world waking up around you. However, just because the sun is out, doesn’t mean the mud will disappear – meaning a utility sink will be perfect for you to wash muddy boots and the dogs all in the same place – the days of wrestling the dogs up to the bath are long gone!

Once the only way to wash clothing, laundry sinks and basins were later replaced by efficient automatic washers and dryers. With a multitude of ways to be utilised, this doesn’t mean a utility sink should be overlooked! Adding a sink to the laundry room opens up a whole new dimension in cleaning convenience, letting you easily presoak stained clothes in the same area as the washer and dryer. The sink is bound to go above and beyond laundry duty, too, as the perfect spot for tidying up after kids’ crafts, washing out paintbrushes, or even giving houseplants a good soak.

Spring Breeze

Spring is the time when everything comes back to life after a long winter slumber. Nature rejuvenates, the frosty weather melts, and the colour of nature returns. The days are starting earlier, the sun is going down later and the hint of warmth we have been doting on is beginning to tantalize the crisp air. This is the season of the sun breaking free from winters’ grasp, after months of offering a cold, white dispersion – transforming into a radiant, yellow glow. We couldn’t think of a better match for the season than our yellow glaze.


A good option for small spaces, subtle yellow tones can make rooms feel bigger and brighter – pairing well with white and grey accents, making it perfect to create a sleek, elegant living space. Yellow is a radiant, fresh colour that brings delight and energy to spaces, making it a great way to highlight the most significant elements in your kitchen or bathroom! Colour therapy uses yellow colour shades to make people smile and feel cheery. Interior decorating with yellow colour is associated with warm and pleasant things in life.

Each handcrafted sink in our traditional Heritage Collection is as practical as it is beautiful, and equally at home in traditional or contemporary kitchens.

Pantone Colour of the Year

Pantone colours are industry-standard colour codes that stand for a specific shade, and this year the colours are ‘Illuminating’ yellow and ‘Ultimate Grey’. It’s a match made in heaven, of a soft grey neutral with a punchy bright yellow. 

Pantone says: “Practical and rock-solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, the two shades together create a strong and positive vibe.” 

Dark grey always provides a classic, sophisticated, and clean base to contrast heavily with lighter colours to brighten up a room.  Working perfectly with yellow, as it symbolizes optimism & happiness which we could all do with a bit of right now. A good option for small spaces, subtle yellow tones can make rooms feel bigger and brighter – pairing well with white and grey accents, making it perfect to create a sleek, elegant living space. 

If you are looking for more of a subtle approach to your kitchen, opt for a paler yellow, which works just as many wonders as the brighter shade chosen by Pantone.

Our exclusive Charcoal colour makes for a magnificently modern approach, choose a dark-on-dark scheme, or seek a more contrasting look with this bright yellow theme.

Illuminating yellow

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