Summer Inspiration

Welcome to our Inspiration page. This is a page to get a feel for what our hand-crafted sinks can do for you – providing the overall notion of what we want to bring to your living area.

We are delighted to share with you a handful of things that we have found over the past months that we love, that inspires us and what we hope will inspire you too…

There is no denying that vanity units are perfect for pairing with our coloured Calder sinks… However, this isn’t the only reason we are showing them some appreciation right now, we have picked out some of the prime benefits of installing a vanity unit within your living area!


Vanity units blend stylish looks with supreme functionality. Enhancing the sense of space, adding storage space by saving room from separately fitting a sink basin and storage space. There is a wide range of styles, finishes and sizes to suit any bathroom type. If you have a small bathroom there are plenty of designs to aid you with making the most of your compact space. Allowing for the feel of extra space due to any unnecessary clutter being stored away all in one place.

If you are lucky enough to have a larger bathroom, choosing a double bowl sink, such as our Pendleton can give a luxury, spa-hotel vibe… This is not only a stylish selection but can be very practical to help ease the morning rush on busy mornings too.


Summer is here and don’t we love to see the sun shining over our beautiful Lancashire Greenland. Here are our top picks of ways to creatively use fireclay sinks to make your life easier in the outdoors this Summer.

– Adding a larger fireclay sink to your outdoor living space means avoiding dirty carpets and flooring, as there will be no more having to wrestle the muddy dog upstairs for a bath after a walk. Also, think of the freedom of being able to clean your dirty boots as nonchalant as you please, say goodbye to scrubbing your boots in the kitchen sink, leaving splatters of mud all over the kitchen cabinets!

– Bring your sink back to life! We love the idea of filling an old fireclay sink full of beautiful, vibrant plants and flowers. Stunning tones of the rainbow will spill over the top of the sink, allowing the sink to flourish… Using an old Belfast sink for this would be great for adding a unique, vintage feel to your garden. You could even create a small herb garden in your sink, or go all out and grow some veggies.

– Here’s one for the kids… Fill your old sink with lightweight aggregate, lay stones/pebbles and small plants on the top along with small dinosaur toys. Let the little one’s imagination run free with a miniature dinosaur garden! See the blog post by Simon Orchard Garden Design to see a step-by-step guide on how to do this… here

– Having a fireclay sink can also work wonders for those hot days where a BBQ is definitely on the table. Without having enough washing up to do after a BBQ, cleaning the utensils can be a job in its own after you’ve forgotten to bring them in and run them through the dishwasher! Having a sink outside will give you the ease of added cleanliness for nights where dinner is out at the garden table. A soapy sink to wipe up any spillages, a quick clean of any glasses and wiping down the BBQ racks, only a few steps away. You’ll wonder why you never had one before!

Mellor Yellow

We have paired the sunshine of the kitchen, our Yellow Mellor sink, with our Summer inspiration.

Just a few touches of yellow can freshen up any dull kitchen for an extra dose of sunshine along with making spaces seem bigger and brighter.

As well as being believed to increase appetite, a splash of yellow is guaranteed to bring energy and happiness to your kitchen area! Yellow is a radiant, fresh colour that brings delight and positivity into spaces, making it a great way to highlight the most significant elements in your kitchen or bathroom.

As we all know, this colour depicts joy, happiness and intellect, so there is no doubt adding yellow to your space will brighten up your life!

Dark Wooden Features with Yellow Accents

A good option for small spaces, subtle yellow tones can make rooms feel bigger and brighter – pairing well with white and grey accents, making it perfect to create a sleek, elegant living space.

Yellow also compliments dark brown wooden accents allowing the room to remain light and airy. This approach is frequently seen in French-inspired or Farmhouse style kitchens – meaning that you can incorporate yellow into a contemporary or traditional design, depending on your prefered style.

Dark wooden features will contrast beautifully with pale yellow elements within the kitchen. As yellow is such a bright colour it would be very easy for it to become empowering and take over the room which is why it is important to use it sparingly.

Our Yellow Barrow sink would pair perfectly with this style of kitchen to add a splash of light within the living area.

Add a splash of colour with the beautifully designed sinks in our exclusive Colour Collection. They are available in various contemporary finishes that put a modern twist on a classic traditional style, making them iconic focal points for any kitchen.

Double Bowl Sinks

Double bowls are as practical as they are stunning. The practicalities of the double bowl sink are endless…

The most important thing to keep in mind as you’re deciding on the type of kitchen sink is how you work in the kitchen, particularly during food prep and clean up. This consideration will allow your decision to be made much easier as you may find a double bowl is the most suitable for your cooking style. However, a single bowl may appeal to you more when looking into the pros and cons of each…

Here is a blog post we found interesting which might help you find the perfect sink type.

Not only do they look pretty, but they also allow you to accomplish many everyday kitchen jobs with ease and efficiency. Double bowl sinks are perfectly convenient if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They are designed for multitasking, making a double bowl sink exceptionally ideal if you prefer to wash up by hand or don’t have a dishwasher; allowing you to fill up one side of the sink with hot water to wash dishes so that you can rinse them in the other! It is also fitting to have a drying rack handy to let the dishes air-dry once they have been washed. 

House Plants

House plants have become a wonderful trend over the past couple of years, and we love to see them getting popular by the minute. This resurge from the ’70s adds a beautiful organic touch to living areas and will bring your home to life!

When you embellish interior areas with houseplants, you’re not just adding greenery. These living organisms interact with your body, mind and home in ways that subconsciously heighten the quality of life.

There are hundreds of varieties to choose from, so there is no need to panic if you will be too busy to look after them, as there are many plants that can survive slight neglect. You can even rid your self of all responsibility and invest in some artificial plants! On the contrary, if you are more green-fingered there are lots of plant choices that will keep you on your toes…

Plants will clean the air of your living space and evoke a fresh, natural feeling to the home. Add a pop of colour to the overlooked areas within the space with brightly coloured, patterned plant pots to dress them up a little. Small plants in terracotta pots give a stunning rustic vibe to space, injecting earthy, warm colours into the home.

Adding house plants within your kitchen is beneficial both on the eye and on your health. Pairing beautifully with the sinks in our Heritage Collection to bring a stunning contrast between the crisp white of the sink and the vibrant colours within the plants.

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