Welcome to our Inspiration page. This is a page to get a feel for what our hand-crafted sinks can do for you – providing the overall notion of what we want to bring to your living area.

Here we are delighted to share with you things that we love, what inspires us and what we hope will inspire you too…

Whether you prefer to keep it classic with a stunning white sink or add a humble statement with one of our remarkable coloured sinks; each sink in our collections is a masterpiece of traditionalism. Allowing you to explore all possibilities for the image of your living area…

Open Plan Designs

As well as being environmentally conscious and relying on fewer materials for building, an open-plan design features space that promotes communication, interaction and shared moments.

Allowing light to flood into the area with big windows and glass patio doors provides realms of beautiful natural light – to boost energy, happiness and even helps to balance the body’s hormones.

An open floor plan provides sunlight, helping connect your indoor spaces with the outdoor ones. The lack of walls allows for light to travel into every crevice of the room, brightening up your home and your life.

This type of design also provides space for a larger amount of people to socialise at one time as there is no isolation between the divides separating the kitchen and the living room while preparing meals, aiding communal living and bringing family and friends together.

Adding a classic fire-clay sink is a perfect way to give any contemporary, open-plan space that traditional touch.

Calder Blue

Blue is an invigorating colour, and when used sparingly it works very well within the kitchen area (otherwise, it can become overpowering). When lighter shades of blue are used they can create a clean, crisp look that tends to promote the effect of space and light.

Depicting tranquillity, understanding and softness, blue makes the kitchen or bathroom a perfect space to relax into.

Light blue works very well for creating a contrast between other colours such as white or grey – light blue features can create unique focal points for your kitchen or bathroom.

For a modern twist, pair with an industrial style with factory style taps or poured concrete worktops.

Winter Sky

Winter is upon us, and there is nothing as beautiful as the sight of the feathery snow sprinkled over our vast Lancashire uplands.

We have paired our Light Blue Calder with the season to remind us that even on the coldest winter days, the bright blue sky is never too far away for those, peaceful dog walks in the snow on a crisp, shining winter morning.

Warm, Wooden Features

As well as not scratching, being environmentally friendly and being bacteria’s enemy, wooden features in your kitchen add a stunning sense of nature to your living space.

Wooden Kitchen Island

Mix contemporary and traditional designs by adding a unique wooden kitchen island, using reclaimed wooden panels to accompany a sleek new waterfall worktop. This allows for an inviting, aged look – adding a sense of richness to a sparkly, new kitchen.

Thanks to all those cuts, dents and craters that have been gathered over time, your reclaimed, treated wooden island will add tonnes of character and personality, completely transforming the ambience of your kitchen and giving it a completely different look.

Wooden Feature Walls

Choose from panelled real wood, reclaimed, stick wood, wooden effect tiles, log pile, pallets, engineered wood or laminates to bring texture, colour and warmth into any living space.

The remarkably unique backdrop created by using wood allows the wall to come to life, bringing a little of the outdoors inside.

The possibilities are endless with the styles and designs you can go for, from circular patterns to abstract 3D designs, adding hints of colour or going for a grey-scale colour scheme.

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