Our Collections

Our Collections

Every authentic sink in our Collections takes time to create, and the result is a true masterpiece of traditional manufacturing. They are made here in North West England by our very own talented craftsmen, who use long-established techniques (passed down through generations of local artisans) to produce iconic heritage and contemporary designs.

The Heritage Collection

Each handcrafted single sink in our traditional Heritage Collection is as practical as it is beautiful, and equally at home in traditional or contemporary kitchens. They are available in a range of understated styles, all guaranteed to provide a lifetime of service and pleasure.

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The Colour Collection

Add a splash of colour with the beautifully designed sinks in our exclusive Colour Collection. They are available in various contemporary finishes, that put a modern twist on a classic traditional style, making them iconic focal points for any kitchen.

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The Mottled Collection

Complex glazes are used in the manufacturing process to create the stunning sinks in our Mottled Collection, producing distinctive patterns that give them a vibrant contemporary look – perfect for making a statement.

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Our craftsmen

Our Craftsmen

Our craftsmen hold a particularly deep rooted passion for their craft. For many of them, it’s a family tradition.

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Traditional Fireclay Sinks

Handmade Process

We take pride in using time-honoured, traditional methods in our manufacturing process.

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