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It was right here in Whitebirk, Lancashire, that the very first traditional fireclay sinks were made, all the way back in the late 1800s. Centuries later, here at the Whitebirk Sink Company we’re proud to be the only British-owned company continuing this fine Lancashire tradition.

Traditional Fireclay Sinks Handmade Process

Each original sink takes time to make, and our master craftsmen use time-honoured methods that have remained unchanged over generations.

The nature of our handmade process creates tiny but distinctive variations between each sink, making every one of them truly unique.

Our Master Craftsmen
Handmade Sinks

Our Heritage

The names of our handmade sinks are carefully chosen to reflect our Lancashire heritage.

Lancashire Heritage Our Factory
Our Craftsmen

Motivated by a tireless passion for their craft, these gifted men and women use their rare talents to keep these traditional methods alive, making each and every fireclay sink a marvel of authentic, specialist manufacturing.

Today, we have the enviable distinction of being the only British-owned company to be making handmade fireclay Belfast sinks. We’re determined to stay worthy of this legacy by handcrafting high quality products that embody flawless aesthetics, solid durability and endless practicality, ensuring they provide our customers with a lifetime of service.

Our Craftsmen

We employ a skilled team of local craftspeople and master artisans here at our Blackburn base, honouring Lancashire’s esteemed manufacturing heritage by using traditional materials and long-established techniques.

Our craftsmen hold a particularly deep rooted passion for their craft. For many of them, it’s a family tradition.

Master Artisans Fireclay Sink manufacturing
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