Standard Basket Strainer

Designed for the kitchen sink, with a shiny, Chrome finish. A high-quality Whitebirk kitchen sink strainer waste with a 3.5″ connection will be the perfect finishing touch to your sink set-up.


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Carefully designed to complement our range of handcrafted sinks, this exclusive sink waste kit features a unique branded button knob to add the perfect finishing touch to your Whitebirk sink. Our premium waste kit incorporates our Lancashire Rose logo, mindfully chosen to reflect our heritage. This kit includes a strainer, that prevents food waste from falling into the sink drain. Any waste can be easily lifted out in the strainer & emptied into the bin.

Designed for use with our range of kitchen sinks, this basket strainer waste kit will help keep your sink draining quickly and efficiently, even with heavy-duty use. The quality of our products is very important to us, the materials used to manufacture this system have been selected because of their premium qualities including robustness, flexibility, stain resistance and longevity. 

Product Details

This premium waste kit features a 90mm strainer waste body and is compatible with all sinks EXCEPT the Cleveleys, Calder and Belfast. If you prefer to cover the round overflow grate, the kit includes a branded overflow stop. If you are ordering a double-bowl sink, please order two kits. With its glossy chrome finish, suitable for most kitchens why not order the finishing touch to your sink?

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 mm

Overflow, No Overflow

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