Handmade in England

We create authentic, handmade ceramic sinks.

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Luxury Handmade Sinks

Every handmade sink is a masterpiece of traditional manufacturing created by our very own skilled artisans, who draw upon years of specialist experience to create truly iconic heritage and contemporary designs, here in the heart of Lancashire, UK.

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Explore our full range of traditional and contemporary sinks in our three unique collections.

Handmade in England

We take pride in using time-honoured, traditional methods in our manufacturing process.

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Our Heritage

It was right here in Whitebirk, Lancashire, that the very first traditional fireclay sinks were made, all the way back in the late 1800s. Centuries later, here at the Whitebirk Sink Company we’re proud to be the only British-owned company continuing this fine Lancashire tradition.

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Traditional Fireclay Sinks

Our Craftsmen

Our craftsmen hold a particularly deep rooted passion for their craft. For many of them, it’s a family tradition.

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Our craftsmen
Our Collections

Our Collections

The names of our handmade sinks are carefully chosen to reflect our Lancashire heritage.

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Our inspiration page is where you’ll find a collection of everything that inspires us – and we hope it will spark some inspiration in you too!

Lancashire Rose

This vibrant shade brings the positive hues of a sunny day into your home, which is why we have paired this sink with the Summer season.

A good option for small spaces, subtle yellow tones can make rooms feel bigger and brighter.
Double bowls are as practical as they are stunning. The practicalities of the double bowl sink are endless…
House plants have become a wonderful trend over the past couple of years, and we love to see them getting popular by the minute.
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